Certified Nursing Application Essay

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Certified nursing assistants are in charge of a myriad of tasks related to patient care, saving, and bettering the lives of others. However, the conditions and demands of this job raise questions such as, what are the challenges of being a CNA? What are the various difficulties faced by CNAs, and what’s the most challenging part of being a CNA? The average CNA salary in the United States is around $30,000 per year. While it may seem like quite a lot to some, it’s important to take into account just how much certified nursing assistants face and sacrifice just for the care of others. On a daily basis, certified nursing assistants face countless challenges such as the risk of facing burnout, dealing with the constant death and dying of patients, …show more content…

Depending on state to state, the average time it takes to become a CNA can vary from four to 12 weeks, however, during this time the education takes extensive amounts of focus and attention with around 60 hours of classroom training being mandatory. During training, many must still work another job on the side while working towards becoming a CNA, increasing the pressure of more duties to attend …show more content…

Caused by the constant demands of work and lack of taking breaks, burnout is a challenge in itself and can get even worse if gone untreated. More and more nurses have begun to feel the effects of burnout, raising a dire concern that healthcare workers while taking care of others, must also remember to care for themselves which can, unfortunately, go neglected when the work is so heavily focused on saving the lives of

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