Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

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“It 's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Those wise words come from the one and only, Mother Teresa. Her quote comes to mind when I think of the career Certified Nursing Assistant. Another is “It takes a special person to do what you do, I don 't know if I could handle it”. It 's true, not everyone is fit to be a CNA. Being able to care for the elderly and bring happiness to their day, brings happiness to my day. The special calling to bring others joy, is extraordinarily rewarding. As a Certified Nursing Assistant you provide in the basic care and safety to patients as well as assist them with activities of daily living. Daily duties are given to CNA’s by the supervising RN, often referred to as Charge Nurse. A few common daily duties of a CNA are: assisting patients with personal hygiene & appearance, meaning providing oral care, bathing and making sure patients are dressed in clean unsoiled …show more content…

Although this career field is not one of the highest paying career out there with salary ranging around $35,093, it is greatly based on specialization within the field like location and experience. A brand new CNA on average makes around $11.68 per hour. However with a shortage of bodies in this field, there is more than enough opportunity for overtime. One perk of the job is there isn’t a lot of other expense that comes with this career choice. The only expense is scrubs and shoes, which after a certain amount can be a tax write off. I would say one would like to work locally. Mainly because then you know the patients and most likely their families. Being familiar with the area can make for easy conversation starters too. Being a Certified Nursing Assistant can be very challenging. It 's hard physical work at times and can be very emotionally exhausting. On the other hand, being a CNA can be fulfilling and rewarding. They say the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. CNA’s are special people, and very

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