EHR Patient Satisfaction

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The article, “EHR Use and Patient Satisfaction: What We Learned,” explains how EHRs impact both the patients and physicians, how it transforms the health care system, and how it delivers a higher quality of care. EHRs are one of many developments in improving their patient satisfaction. Some benefits associated with EHRs include being able to access computerized records and inform treatment decisions quickly. EHR technology can offer a more reliable and efficient method form and other clinical staff members. For examples, EHR systems will improve the health of maintenance organizations by decreasing office visits and doctor 's order can match the performance of physicians. The article stated that, about 75% of patients believe, EHRs had a positive …show more content…

In order to give quality care for patients, physicians need to have the necessary skills to understand the capabilities of the new technology. In this case, residents would rather have interactions between patient and physician than getting treatment toward EHRs because patients believe that EHRs could be leading to errors and patient safety could be at risk. In this case, the study shows that residents prefer more patient-physician communications after EHRs were implemented inpatient settings. On the other hand, Physicians spend more time on the computer rather than looking at patients in an outpatient environment after adapting to EHRs than a paper-based system. The goal of these studies to understand patient satisfaction between inpatient and outpatient settings while using the EHR system.
The second article, in its 2015 EHR Satisfaction Survey, explains that physicians and clinicians are the most involved with EHR’s within the health care system and among staff who work in hospitals and ambulatory care. The survey shows that 396 individual EHR users recommend three different key components in the health care system through IT professionals. The three categories are: 1) sustaining the right interpretability measures with medical devices, 2) improving new the health care system with new features and visual designs, and 3) improving and supporting the quality of …show more content…

EHRs will always have pros and cons impact in the healthcare organizations. The biggest limitations of the electronic health record system could be that the system is not yet integrated in all hospitals and health care facilities. The health care providers and researchers are enthusiastic and anticipate better technology because it would be more beneficial for health care IT technology as it advances. Last but not least, I believe that the government should support on the network improvement to achieve meaningful use of EHRs

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