Health Information Technician

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I would like to become a Health Information Technician, properly known as Registered Health Information Technician or RHIT. This position appeals to me for a couple reasons. One is because I like the medical field but do not have the heart to be a doctor (it seems too sad to me). I also like technology and this combines two of my interests into one job so therefore I believe it is a good career option for me. RHITs do not collect data themselves, they receive it first hand through things such as patient histories and test results. They check the data received for accuracy. They used to store the information in paper files but with the new changes everything is stored electronically. They have a primary responsibility to make sure patient files are kept confidential(Locsin). This position is an in office position due to confidentiality of patients records. Some RHITs are also billers or coders. Coders require a separate certification. …show more content…

"It's much cheaper to keep people well than it is to treat them when they're sick," he says. "Part of wellness will be monitoring what's specifically important about each patient, like bathroom scales for congestive heart failure patients or glucometers for diabetics that transmit data directly to their EHRs." -John D. Halamka, MD, MS(McBride). That being said the Electronic Health Record or EHR has made monitoring health even easier with the ability for patients to access their records from home, email their doctors among other

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