Nursing Interview

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The occupational field of nursing and the educational instruction associated with nursing has evolved from the past century due to the detail oriented research and scientifically developed contributions. The advancement of new technology and improved theory drastically upgraded nursing practices, allowing patients to experience an efficient and professional form of healthcare serves. To learn more about the changes in the field of nursing that has taken place in the last 60 years I interviewed nurses that graduated from nursing school in three different decades. Although changes have taken place in regard to educational setting, cost of education, dress code, clinical hours and state board exam, the overall core of nursing has remained the …show more content…

Katie Chapman RN. Ms. Chapman attended The McLeod Infirmary in Florence, SC where she graduated in 1953. This was a three year program. The cost of her education was $352! She, on the other hand, had a follow a strict dress code when not in clinical or school setting. Her dress code entailed a dress 17 inches from the floor accompanied by white hose. During clinical she was required to wear a blue chambray, one piece short sleeve dress with white attached collar and cuffs. This dress was 12 inches from the floor with white hose and white Oxford type shoes. After successfully completing the six week preclinical period, the nursing cap was worn. Hair had to be pulled up and could not touch the collar. During clinical, a white full apron was worn over the chambray dress at all times. During her education period, she was required to stay on campus in a special housing facility. She noted that her behavior was very guarded and strict rules were to be followed at all times. The students were not allowed to get engaged during their education period. Dating was allowed. Another student had to accompany the couple. The nursing students were allowed to walk around the block of the housing facility. As students they had to attend church one night a week and breakfast every morning. Other rules nursing students had to follow were, they could not sit with their legs crossed and had to stand with hands folded in front of their body when the director of nursing entered and they were not allowed to sit until instructed to do so. She was expected to be on time and to be prepared for theory each day. Also, be prepared for inspection of a uniform at all times. If she or the other students failed to comply, the director would take away the individual student nursing cap. The nursing cap was a well-respected article of the nursing uniform. For her clinical hours Ms. Chapman had theory for four hours, then clinical four hours.

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