CYP 3.8 1.3: Laws and Guidelines for Children's Safety

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1.1: List current legislation and guidelines relating to the health and safety of children Laws relating to health and safety in the childcare setting: Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Data Protection Act 1998 Children Act 1989, 2004 Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety) Order 2005 Health and Safety ( First Aid) Regulations 1981 Childcare Act 2006 Healthy and Safety at work Act 1974 Personal Protective Equipment at work 1992 2.1: Identify policies and procedures relating to the health and safety of children Every setting will have to make sure that the children are safe when entering the setting, leaving the setting. When children arrive to the setting, you will have to make sure that they enter the setting safely. When leaving the setting you as a early years practitioner has to check who is collecting the child. There even is a policy in every setting that is about parents and carers collecting their child. In this policy you must take the register so …show more content…

Following these legislation and guidelines will help you deal with any situation as everything is written in them. Every setting has to make sure that they keep up to date with the legislation and guidelines everyday. 2.3: Describe roles and responsibilities when keeping children safe. As a early years practitioner you have a responsibility to keep every child safe. You will have to take care of others and yourself. A practitioner will need to know the policies and procedures in the setting they are working in and if there is an accident or incident that has happened, you will have to report it to your manager. There are settings that offer you a uniform which is a sweatshirt and trouser but there are settings that do not have a uniform and in that case you should choose your clothing

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