What Errors Did You See In Protecting Patient's Privacy?

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1. What errors did you see in protecting the patient’s privacy?  There were several errors done on protecting patient’s privacy. Firstly, when Mildred soaked her bed, nurse shouted loudly asking for the clean bed sheet saying that the patient had soaked herself which is extremely embarrassing to her. Secondly, nurses were not taking any kind of permission from patient before changing her clothes. They were not showing any kind of respect to the patient and acted like as if she was taken for granted. While changing her clothes, the doctor in charge unveiled the curtain abruptly without caring for the patient’s privacy. 2. Other than errors in communication, several safety concerns were presented. Give examples of some of those safety concerns.…show more content…
I would maintain the patient’s privacy. I would instruct the cleaning worker to keep the floor dry every time. I would make sure that every examination and reviews were done prior to surgery. I would check the patient’s record carefully before administering drug. I would confirm patient’s sensitiveness to any kind of allergic reaction and consult with doctors if needed. 4. After watching this video, what do you need to change about the way you will approach patient care?  In the video, nurses were not interacting properly with patients. When nurses first approach the patient, they must not be in hurry and take enough time in interacting with patient and recording their medical history and issues. I would console patients that they will be fine and our clinical team will take better care of them. Before performing any procedure, I would explain what I am going to do and ask for their permission every time. 5. If you were planning the care of this patient write one priority nursing diagnosis, with a patient goal, and interventions, that would address the safety needs of

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