Entry-Level Competency In Professional Nursing Practice

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Objective One During my clinical day three, I demonstrated entry-level competence in professional nursing practice in caring for patients with multiple and/or complex unmet human needs. I addressed safety needs, safety in medication administration, effective communication, and surveillance for my patients. First, I addressed safety needs my ensuring the appropriate safety measures were implemented for the patients. Some of the safety measures included, wearing non-skid socks, wearing a yellow armband which indicated fall risk, keeping the bed in lowest position, two side rails up, bed locked, and the call light within reach. Secondly, I used safety during medication administration. My preceptor and I would pull up one patient at a time when taking out medications. I also …show more content…

I communicated with the patient’s, my preceptor, other nurses, the PCT’s, PT, and the kitchen staff. When I was in the patient’s room I was sure to explain what I was doing, and answer any questions the patients had about their plan of care. I worked with my preceptor throughout the shift, asking questions, clarifying orders, clarifying medications, procedures and more. I communicated with other nurses by thoroughly receiving and handing off report. I communicated with the PCT’s that I would perform the vital signs for my patients and worked with the PCT when my patient needed labs to be sent down. PT, my preceptor, and I communicated about an order issue for a patient. The PT felt uncomfortable performing PT while the patient had a Doppler order to rule out DVT. Therefore my preceptor and I called the physician to clarify if this was still an active order, since it was 4 days old. When the doctor said to cancel the order, we communicated this with the PT so she was able to work with our patient. I also communicated with the kitchen staff all throughout the shift my patients who had a hard time reading the menu and ordering their own

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