Nursing Self Reflection

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Description: In week 7 we had visited Wesburn Manor, the Long-term Care (Clinical Placement) setting. It was our first time there, therefore as a group, we oriented the place. At this time, we went to each nursing station on each floor and introduced ourselves from the organization we were from and how we will be providing patient care to the clients in this setting. We were educated by our clinical instructor on the different access codes in the building, the policies and guidelines, our assigned floor and the appointed personal support worker. Our role of professionalism as a nursing student was represented as we came prepared and greeted each healthcare and staff member. From the professional standards, I have learned throughout my clinical…show more content…
The trigger of this self-reflection incorporates my past self-reflections, which dealt with my awareness of prevention and infection control and risks for a fall and injury. The initiation of this self-reflection was when I was on the second floor, where the clients have Alzheimer’s disease, as I was walking with my clinical group we heard a beeping noise and in one of the lounging rooms we saw a client up from her wheelchair and was at a risk for a fall. The noise we heard is a patient safety alarm, which is used as a fall prevention program, and this especially was for a client with dementia that got up and was confused to maybe where she was. Also, the client had a clostridium difficile infection, and maybe they were in pain and got up to go to the washroom. During this incident, I took action and provided ethical care as I went and assisted the client with proper body mechanics and after applying proper prevention and…show more content…
It was a satisfying moment as a nursing student to not be afraid and know how to provide safe and preventative care to reduce the risks for falls, such as having my clinical instructor, a colleague and myself to help a client that has fragile bones and was confused because of their medical diagnosis. As well, we can provide proper prevention and infection control by applying correct hygiene care after assisting a client with an infection such as clostridium difficile. What did not go well after this experience is I found out that this client had clostridium difficile and at first, I was scared that now I am at risk and will acquire this infection. Instead, I looked at it as I am overcoming my fear of the different infections and diseases I will be exposed to as a nurse and that is why learning how to perform proper hygiene is very important. This bad thought turned into a learning curve and that nothing will make me not provide safe and effective care to any client. Also, I will continue to be aware of clients that are at a greater risk for falls and use my critical thinking to be there to provide

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