Assignment 01-05 Best Practice

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d) Setting out procedures
When setting out for procedure its done in two stages in our practice. First is initial setting of the instruments and materials before patient enter room. All (chair, spittoon, work tops...) is wipe down with disinfectant wipes and then set up instrument tray with some cotton wool rolls, articulation paper and 3 in 1 tip on little table on the side the chair handy for clinician. This table is moveable and can be set in desirable position. Hand pieces and local anaesthetic syringe with needle are place on the stationary table in the reach of clinical in the case she may need them. Cup with mouth wash and tissue are ready next to the spittoon for patient. I have all my bits and pieces just in the reach of the hand on the work top of my stationary table or in drawer underneath. Second stage of the setting up for procedure come when patient enter room and is laid down on the chair. We have to adjust our chair depends on the patient height, build, type of procedure, if …show more content…

This is the requirement for HTM 01-05 Best Practice.
A main requirement of a decontamination room is the separation of clean and contaminated activities to minimise the risk of contaminating clean or sterile product. Ideally there will be two decontamination rooms, one for the cleaning of instruments and one for inspection packaging and sterilisation. This is the quite common in hospitals, but in dental practices is more typical a single dedicated room. In this case the segregation can be achieved by a combination of contaminated to clean workflow and temporal separation, with clean and contaminated activities not taking place at the same time, and with surfaces cleaned and disinfected between the

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