Personal Narrative: My Working As A Phlebotomist

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A Phlebotomists Nightmare Deep within the bowels of Camden Clark Medical Center I began my workday as any other. My basket consisted of sharp fresh needles, silky gauze, alcohol swabs, and several unused tubes. My patients dreadfully awaited to be drawn as I stock my supplies. Every day I work I walk into unknown territory, not knowing what could happen at any given time. The hospital is a very hazardous and precautionary place. Generally working with admitted patients, I come in contact with the same patient several times a day and many times a week to draw a persons blood. My job has unusual experiences I will never forget. A dirty needle-stick, getting hit, and training, explains my worst day working as a Phlebotomist. Working as a Phlebotomist there are many diseases and illnesses I am exposed to every day on the job. The scariest diseases I am exposed to are Hepatitis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Every Phlebotomist is supposed to be cautious about sticking every patient that we come into contact with, but over time many Phlebotomists develop bad habits and a form of …show more content…

To maintain the continuous lab draws of the hospital, there needs to be two to three trained Phlebotomists on staff for the shift. On this day in particular, it was only myself and an untrained Phlebotomist, so I had to pick up all the slack of my new co-worker and double my speed. I was very stressed and having a horrible day altogether. I have loved being a Phlebotomist, but I have spent some of my worst and most stressful days being one as well. After this day I tried to learn to overlook some minor mistakes, because I

Glodowski 3 know they are generally not the new persons’ intentions. I am also more cautious than I used to be when it comes to drawing blood. My reaction time to occurrences is quicker than it used to be as well. Fortunately, I have gained experience and knowledge from these and many other

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