Clinical Microsystem Essay

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Clinical Microsystem Throughout the daily health care facility, microsystem is continuously at play. At my time in the hospital I observed register nurses, CNAs, physical therapist, and dietician come together effectively to help assist the patients overall safety and health concerns of the patient needs. I spent the day shadowing a nurse and observed the element of the microsystem at work. During this time, I recorded my observations of the nurse throughout the day such as patient care, tasks, medications, charting, and other duties. While my time at the hospital was short, I was able to understand how microsystem works throughout different disciplines. The first agenda in the morning is the shift change meeting. All of the oncoming …show more content…

Their meeting is a product of effective communication for patient-center care. I noticed two nurses whom communicated verbally the need for a secondary nurse when a witness is in need for the waste of narcotics. This communication between the nurses ran throughout the shift. I had witness communication when my nurse was taking a break; she would verbally tell the other nurse that she was going on break. While understanding communication between nurses is important, similarly, communication is also important to the nurse and other disciplines. I was able to witness effective communication between disciplines that focused on the patients’ health. One example of this was pertaining to a patient in the ICU room. The respiratory therapist discussed the patient’s current situation with the hospitalist. The nurse I was shadowing used successful communication with the CNA on duty to help assist with the patient’s current needs at that particular time. When communication was use, it was clear and concise, however I noticed a couple times communication was lacking. A situation of this pertains to the nurse whom went to lunch but did not relate that information to the other nurse. This action could result in serious consequence that could in danger the patient. It is important

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