Reflection On Communication In Nursing

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According to Patterson & Krouse (2015), It is important to transfer the message in a good way, for that the communication skills is one of the most important basic skills of nursing leadership. More than that, communication in nursing can make their job efficiently and help them to communicate with a wide range of people, including the patient, patient 's family, and healthcare providers. However, unlike bad communication, which increases nursing staff problem and can lead to worsening the patient health condition, a good communication saves time and reduces the problem of nursing staff in resaving and deliver the right information. Furthermore, communication is not only talking with the patient it’s also listening to what the patient 's family and healthcare providers are saying to collect more information that helps the nurses to save lives. In this paper, I will reflect my communication that goes well with one patient. Description During my clinical group orientation trauma units on the second week, I was collecting more information from the patient when I noticed that one of the doctors are trying to convince the patient to removes one of the drainage tubes that was connected to the patient abdominal. The patient refused the procedure, and the doctor left the room. So I step-up to convince …show more content…

According to Bramhall (2014), Effective communication one of the basic skills of nursing staff, which enhances patient care. Add to this the communication plays an important role in showing empathy and thus it becomes easy for the patient to report positive experiences or even the bad ones. I think that the most important things are to communicate not only with the patient but also with healthcare team members. In addition, nurses need to be able to communicate successfully with all member of the health care providers and to provide and give the full information about the patient

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