Reflection On Interprofessional Collaboration

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This situation presented an unresolved conflict between myself and the vice principal in my clinical placement. This conflict can be linked with the nursing concepts of interprofessional collaboration and communication, role clarification, and power. Therefore, it is understandable that nursing students working within an interprofessional team that does not demonstrate respect and understanding will result to ineffective care, health promotion delivery, and impede professional development. Interprofessional collaboration amongst health and non-health professionals is integral in optimizing health outcomes and promoting health. This is an important concept that is practiced by nurses on a daily basis, especially in a community setting. Interprofessional …show more content…

I used to overlook this notion as a simple concept that’s easy to accomplish within a team. However, I’ve learnt that it is not so easily achieved. Functional interprofessional collaboration is integral in delivering optimal health care and promotion. Successful interprofessional collaboration is important for nursing students, such as myself, as it is a concept and skill that is applicable to multiple contexts. My experience in an elementary school has given me the chance for mutual learning and collaboration with non-health professionals within the broader context of the community. Through this experience, I’ve realized that it is important to address potential conflict triggers, as it can be detrimental for nursing students, as seen in my situation. Additionally, it is essential to overcome and address the barriers in order to establish successful interprofessional collaboration. By doing so, as an interprofessional team we will be able to enhance the quality of pediatric health in a school setting. Overall, I’ve learnt that working in interprofessional team has proven to have a positive impact on my learning by developing synergy between myself and health and non-health

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