Teamwork In Health Care Essay

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INTRODUCTION The word ‘team’ can be defined as a group of people working together towards a common goal. A team also generally is known as a group of people with different skills and different tasks, who works together on a common project, services, or goal. Then, the important thing in teamwork is ‘collaboration’, which is the act of working effectively with others to achieve a common goal. Collaboration acts as the lifeblood in the team, even the team is not large enough, but the collaboration is required. For example, in the health care provider field, the nurses should collaborate with the other health care professional like the doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapy or the radiography in order to achieve the common goal which for the patient’s …show more content…

The bond between the employees and the manager will improves and become more strength. This can be obtained through the teamwork in the team. For example, the relationship or connection between the nurses, physician, and other health care professional will improves as they work together to achieve the desired goal on the patient. 4) Promote safe and efficient patient care delivery. The care that provided to the patient is more safe and efficient if it is given through the teamwork. It is better than the care provided by an individual as the ideas of the care only focused on one perspective. 5) Staff improve quality of care and provide positive economic benefits to the hospital The care that provided is having more quality and improves the patient’s health care. So, the stay of the patient at the hospital become shorter, thus this will reduce the cost of the treatment that the hospital need to pay along the patient being hospitalized. DISADVANTAGES OF HAVING THE TEAMWORK 1) May take longer to achieve the goal This may occur as the ideas generating from each of the team members is varies according to their opinion and experience. So, the decision about the method need to be used take the longer time and longer time for the goal to be

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