Importance Of Teamwork In Nursing

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Introduction Teamwork builds up the ability of nurses and other healthcare providers to implement higher quality and a more holistic care. In this essay, firstly, I am going to discuss about teamwork in nursing. Secondly, I am going to talk about the importance of teamwork within nurses and other healthcare providers. Thirdly, I am going to discuss about the benefits of having teamwork and proper delegation needed among nurses. And lastly, using Singapore nursing board, code of ethics and professional conduct that direct to this clinical situation. I will also discuss on how this clinical situation could be done differently. Clinical scenario I was posted to a medical ward in National University Hospital for my clinical posting. There is a particular cubicle allocated for patients with very high risk of fall called the “Green eye cubicle “. Patients in that cubicle are usually confused or not compliant to fall precaution. So there should always be a nurse in the cubicle to keep an eye on the patients to prevent falls. This incident happened on a Sunday when the students were having our off day. Staff nurse jenny was assigned to the “Green eye “cubicle. Jenny had to attend to a phone call at the main nurse’s counter. But she did not ask the enrolled nurse or other staff nurses to keep an eye on her patients while she was away. At that point time a patient had to go the wash basin. Since there was not anyone in the cubicle, the patient stood up and try to go to the wash

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