2.6 Task Analysis

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2.6 Tasks Usually my work starts at 8:30 every morning and ends around 5:30 pm. Usually I will go to work by taxi or Light rail transit which is more convenient than driving a car in heavy traffic. I always check my emails when I get to work and reply them immediately. When I am at my desk I usually works on the computer most of the time. Besides that, my main duties and responsibility include Human Resource filing and database. In this tasks, my duties is to create an individual file for employees and foreign workers. To create an individual file for employees I need to include job application form, personal details, IC photocopy, warning letter, PPE Declaration, medial leaves record and pay slip. To create a personal file for foreign workers …show more content…

Teamwork is vital and important to the success of the company. Without teamwork the process to achieve higher level will be slow down. Working in a group or team will automatically develop a system that allow us to complete our task perfectly and quickly. For example, during this internship I was given a task by the project manager to create a schedule based on the projects site. I was very glad to have a cooperative team which works as team to come out with the perfect schedule without clashing with other project site. I was very proud of my team because we manage to reschedule all the projects site in a short period of time. Therefore, teamwork can help each other in performing excellent skills and ideas. 2.8.3 Time management Time management is very important especially dealing with huge a company. Work experience is the best training when it comes to time management. Set deadlines are one of the example of time management. I will set my filing datelines and try to work harder to complete the task ahead of the deadlines. One of my main strategies was to use a planner to mark the important dates against the set datelines. Moreover, I had learned to filter incoming information, determine what is important and manage in a timely manner.

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