Bus 210 Week 6 Team Analysis

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As we are in a team, I believe there are couple things need to be sure before we start the work. So we can follow the rules, and get good score on our projects.

First thing is about our team overall goal. I believe that everyone in our team want to get into Kelley, or already in Kelley. To be successful in Kelley, all our projects need to get the high grades. So the lowest goal is to get least B on every project, so that we can sure that we won’t because the team in order to not get into Kelly. We all want the highest grades, so just put our full attention on every project. And get higher score rather than B.

Second are some rules that we need to follow. The first one is that every member cannot be late at the group meeting. If so just tell other people earlier, so we won’t waste time to wait. And the second one is, everyone need to finish their job before the deadline we discuss, so our plan will not be mass up. And finally, everyone one should trust each other. If there any problems appear during the work, we should point them put, so that everyone can work on it. Don’t be shy, just ask. If we make the rule earlier, and every one follow it, there will be less problems and be more efficiency doing our works. Rather than spend lots of time on these problems. …show more content…

Like what our strengths and weakness. So in the future team work, we can distribute the works more property. If everyone can handle their jobs well, as a whole our works are well. To know more about each other, and be more familiar with each other is very important before we start our works.

These are the goals that I want to share for the team. I believe we are the good team ever, and I am very looking forward to work with you guys. Thank for read

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