Hrm 531 Week 4 Team Analysis

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Learning Team Discussion In this summary, the team discusses the association between risk and quality management and their impact on health outcomes. Risk management is the recognition of anything or anyone who can cause harm to an organization. An example of a risk of an organization is finances or a technical deficiency. Quality management aims to find the motive of risks and develop a plan for the betterment of quality care for the patient. An example of quality management is creating techniques or methods to improve the loss of finances and reducing the errors of technical difficulties to enhance the performance of an organization. Previously risk and quality management were set apart from each other, but cooperated and communicated for the overall achievement of an organization. Relationship Between Risk and Quality in Health Care Organizations …show more content…

The concern for safety has become a bigger and more important issue, and these two departments are forming a relationship. Although it has been the tradition for these two departments to work separately, they both have a common goal, to oversee the safety and excellence in healthcare organizations. Some smaller organizations have always had the same person control quality and risk and remained successful. These days, we are seeing a lot more collaborations, goal sharing, ad idea exchanging among these two groups (Perry, 2007). Risk management is critical to every organization. Assessing risks, minimizing errors and damages can be a tough job, but with the help of a quality manager. Sharing plans, tasks, and hopes for the future will make it is easier to focus on what is best for the longevity of a healthcare

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