Hrm 531 Week 3 Team Assignment

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West Pharmaceutical Services peaks my interest as they do work in the form research and development of medicine delivery systems. They have had years to refine the company from its start in 1923 as it has transitioned from research lab packing penicillin to groundbreaking biomedical product production and testing. I am interested in this company as the various research done at their facilities can supplement my knowledge on the working of various devices within the biomedical industry. Moreover, the company is large enough to allow for personal growth within the company to a high extent as I may grow as a biomedical engineer. I would like to contribute to West’s reliability in creating high-quality and technologically advanced containment and delivery solutions. This would ultimately take part in my goal and West’s commitment to improving …show more content…

The company amazon works with a multitude of companies to form a electronic commerce market for their consumers in which they package and ship things to their home. The company has been expanding and building exponentially as the popularization of online shopping has expanded domestically and continues worldwide. The company has recently passed Walmart as most valuable retailer in 2015, achievement representative of market trend toward e-commerce. I am interested in this company as they continue to expand, it maintains the capital to fund great projects for possible future projects that can further change the world besides e-commerce. The company has potential for a biomedical engineer in the fashion that they can pool resources for vital components to any medical device they perceive as viable to the world. Moreover, they could facilitate and expand the Amazon website to include the further commercialization of biomedical device that could benefit the world. If none else, the company offers an opportunity for modern day job experience within a the future of business in the form of

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