Amazon Big Data Case Study

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Amazon is purely an online sales portal. Based on premium web rating organizations Amazon has a position ranging from 4 to 10 on a global ranking of premium websites. The presence of Amazon in the virtual world of internet is unquestionable. Big Data is a technology area which is highly talked about during the last several years. During the last 18 months, companies in the retail sector, manufacturing, construction, and technology areas have realized the extreme potential of Big Data and are trying to gain maximum advantage from it. Amazon is no exception. Amazon uses big data services to analyze consumer trends, marketing strategies, planning the development of new products, and other insights related to marketing their products and offerings. …show more content…

They are the prominent general retail stores with a physical presence. Both of these retailers have emerged as e-commerce centric due to the early adoption of e-commerce strategies. However, even those retail chains proved to be of no use to generate a tight competition with Amazon. In the long run, the growth of the e-commerce versions of these supply chains can pose a threat to Amazon. (Wahba, Phil) Advantages for an Amazon Customer Amazon adds value for money for the customer. The business model of Amazon ensures that the product is available for the customer at the best possible price. The fast shipping strategies also ensure customer satisfaction. These aspects offer an excellent value proposition to the customer. Since Amazon is present globally and is successfully into business for a long time period, the strategies of Amazon are sustainable. The delivery system of Amazon is a class apart. They have their own delivery system which is fast and reliable. Amazon has made another crucial and innovative step in product delivery by announcing its new drone delivery system called Amazon Prime Air. The system projects to use robotic drones which fly to your doorstep to deliver products. The company is awaiting a nod from the legal regulations and other authorities to start with the new delivery …show more content…

Each buyer or seller needs to make a one-time sign-up and the activities of the user are remembered by the website on subsequent visits. Due to the same reason, the website generates loyal customers as well. In the case of any issues with buying or selling activities, the customer support facility is available for solving the issue. Amazon also conducts frequent surveys and polls to get customer feedback and to improve themselves. Amazon does not sell or share the confidential information provided by the customers for the purpose of signing up with Amazon. They have a declared privacy policy that highlights this aspect of

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