Case Study Of Amazon's Competitive Strategy

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Amazon’s competitive strategy is cost leadership. Amazon has achieved a lot on a great scale that it gets the best prices from its vendors so they can operate in very flexible and thin margins and sell their items easily at retail prices and make money. They also provide shipping products for a reasonable cheap price. They also have improved their warehouses by giving some space to other sellers who want to sell their items through Amazon. They differentiate and provide better quality than their competitors across the industry. Q2) Jeff Bezos, CEO of, has stated that the best customer support is none. What does that mean? Amazon cares about their customers. They are customer obsessed meaning that they’re constantly listening to customers, and then continuously testing, enhancing, and personalizing the customer experience. They provide a lot of services for the customers throughout the platform that makes it easy for them to buy things and see reviews from other buyers, for example. Q3) Suppose you work for Amazon or a company that takes innovation seriously. What do you suppose is likely the reaction to an employee who says to his or her boss, “But I don 't know how to do that?” Amazon emphasizes innovation as it main business motto. Although, you may not know how to do a particular task, it’s how you react to the task that sets you apart. The employee should stand up to himself and if he/she wants to improve, she/he should ask one of their experienced

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