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  • Importance Of Retailing

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    of items.1 One thing to be noted here is the fact that the retailer is the link between the producer and the customer. Retailing is defined as a crucial set of activities or steps used to sell a product or a service to consumers for their personal or family use. It is responsible for toning individual demands of the consumer with supplies of all the manufacturers.2 Retailing has become an inseparable and important

  • Evolution Of Retailing

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    Evolution of World Retailing Times have changed radically since the housewife slipped her shopping bag over her arm and set out for her daily food supply. Today the general store, stacked with barrel, bins and sacks filled with everything from soaps to pickles, has all but disappeared almost throughout the world. And in its place we find the more refined self-service “cash-and-carry” organised retail stores in the form of supermarkets, departmental stores, shopping malls and the like. These stores

  • Disadvantages Of Retailing

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    organizations, government and individuals. For the reason of the design of the role of the retailing in the helping the country and the society, there would have been many major problems if retailing did not exist as retailing solved and dealt with a lot of issues and problems that faced the country. if we measured on the level of importance, retailing is one of the industries that no country can get rid of, although

  • The Importance Of Retailing In India

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    Retailing is selling the products to the end users or consumers and it ensures that they derive maximum value from the buying process. Retailing is a distribution channel function where one organization either buys products from supplying firms or manufactures the product themselves, and then sells these directly to consumers. As the final link between consumers and manufacturers, retailers are a vital part of the business world. Retailers add value to products by making it easier for manufacturers

  • Impact Of Loyalty In Retailing

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    Loyalty programs are quite often in food and grocery retailing. Many firms introduced various loyalty programs as a core component of their marketing strategy. The abundance of loyalty programs reflects a changing market dimensions by intense competition, more demanding and knowledgeable customers and customer relationship management in marketing thinking and practice. Further the small basket size and the low sale volume of the retailing is required to increase the repeat purchasing by the existing

  • Retailing Industry Analysis

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    1.0 BACKGROUND OF INDUSTRY Retailing defines as the business activities that related to the selling of goods and services either for personal consumption or non-business use (Mohd, 1990). The retailing industry in Malaysia has gone through a period of continuous and market change over the years. Due to the increasing number of retailers in Malaysia, the retailing industry is seen as a highly competitive business (Heng et al., 2011). To sustain in this industry, existing players must know how to

  • Tesco Retailing Strategy

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    Today's retailing is becoming increasingly competitive. People have more chances to choose different retail outlets than before. In other words,shopping become easier for most people to swift between different retailing outlets. At the core of retailing is the development and maintenance of long-term relationships with customers achieved by creating superior customer value and satisfaction, which not simply a series of discrete transactions.[1] In order to attracting new customers, retaining previous

  • Evolution Of Retailing In India

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    was carried out and people congregated and derived several non-economic values. Retailing as an occupation came into existence when farmers started producing surplus food than they require. The concept of retailing in India dates back to ancient times when it was mainly in the form of weekly markets and the village fairs (Melas). Changing socio-economic patterns and consumption levels shifted the focus of retailing to mainly convenience stores (mom and pop stores) for daily needs with few prominent

  • Multichannel Retailing: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multi-Channel Retailing

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    INTRODUCTION Multi channel retailing The world is at the dawn of a new era where technology enables a better communication among millions of people bringing new ways of getting information. The Internet offers consumers not only access to a vast amount of data but it is also an alternative way of making purchases at home (Forsythe and Shi 2003). This influences our culture and is shaping how we relate with each other and the way we consume. The internet rose new needs on consumers making them more

  • Apparel Retailing Case Study

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    It is felt worthwhile to study how organized retail formats have been evolving and what factors have been responsible for such growth of organized apparel retailing in India. Apparel retailing especially has traversed its growth path beginning from smaller formats to large individual stores. The largest foreign exchange earner for the country is the Indian textile and apparel industry. “India is the main hub of textile market in the world as a largest foreign exchange earner for the country and also

  • History Of Retailing In India

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    According to renowned marketing consultant Philip Kotler, retailing includes all activities involved in selling goods or services to final consumers for personal use. So, retailers are the final business entities in a distribution channel that links manufacturers to customers. Manufacturers make products and sell them to wholesalers. Wholesalers sell these products to the retailers, who in turn, sell them to the end consumers. The India Retail Industry is the largest among all the industries, accounting

  • The Importance Of Retailing Business

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    A retailing business is the sale of goods directly to the final consumer, not for reselling, but for use and consumption by the buyer. Retail business involves the sale of product from a single way of purchase directly to buyer that intends to use the product. Retailing business can take place on various of forms, including an internet shopping website, a catalog and retail store. The retail transaction is at the end of the chain as the manufacturers always sell large number of products to the retailers

  • Communication Mix And Branding In Retailing

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    relationship between the communication mix and branding in retailing? "Retailing encompasses the business activities involved in selling goods and services to consumers for personal, family, and household use." Retailers buy large quantities from manufacturers or wholesalers and then sells small quantities to consumers to earn profit. Retailing is important because consumers demand to have goods and services that they need. For Retailing to occur, a business must have the tools necessary for communicating

  • Organized Retailing Case Study

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    Managing Trusting Relationships in Indian Organized Retailing Case Facts: 1) The Indian retail market is estimated to be $534 billion in 2013-14. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12-13 percent making it a $948 billion sector in 2018-19 (KPMG 2014). 2) Unorganized retailing accounts for over 92 percent of the business. On the other hand, organized retail is also expected to grow. It generated revenue of $41.4 billion in 2012 and is expected to generate $94.8 billion by 2019 (Crisil research estimates)

  • Web Retailing Adoption Case Study

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    Cass and Fenech (2003) in their study named “ Web Retailing Adoption: Exploring the nature of internet users web retailing behaviour” focussed on examining how internet users adopt web for retail usage. They used a technology acceptance model as a framework to explore acceptance of this technology for retail usage. To measure the attitude of consumers towards web retailing the impact of several parameters such as opinion leadership, buying impulsiveness, internet self-efficacy, perceived web security

  • Digital Retailing: The Advantages Of Digital Consumers

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    and good choice they can’t attract the consumers like digital retailers. Their IT is too poor to compete with technology experts. As the world is becoming digital so they should also think about advance digital retailing. Task 2 The advantages of digital retailing are increasing as the innovation is going well. The advantages of digital means of shopping are described below: • Bar code: Any customer can check the other stores through bar code. They search the same product

  • Multi-Channel Retailing Case Study

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    Chapter 4: Multi-channel retailing In the previous chapters physical and online shopping were discussed as independent shopping methods. But what are the possibilities with combining these shopping methods to a successful multi-channel retailing formula? In this chapter some of the benefits of a combination are discussed, as well as the possible threats. 4.1 Channel integration Another name for multi-channel retailing, maybe even more applicable, is omnichannel retailing. Piotrowicz and Cuthbertson

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Retailing In Retail Business Management

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    Business Management RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4 Topic: RETAILING IN DISADVANTAGED COMMUNITIES: THE OUTSHOPPING PHENOMENON REVISITED Introduction The Supermarkets where you could purchase on credit forms part of the folktale of South African retailing. With the beginning of improved infrastructural development and generally better-informed customers, the nature and range of retail facilities have changed. Today, consumers have a wide range of retailing facilities available and are supported by retailers

  • Retailing In India

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    Retailing as simply defined is the end process of supply chain management where there is a direct interaction with the end-user or the customer. The word “Retail” has its origins in the French verb “Retailer”, which means “to cut up”, and refers to one of the fundamental retailing activities which is to buy in larger quantities and sell in smaller quantities. Retailing is an integral part of the value chain in an organization. It is a function that provides the ‘last mileage connectivity’ between

  • Retailing Activities

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    LOYALTY AMONG RETAIL GOODS BUYERS. 1.1 INTRODUCTION A decade ago, retailing activities in Asia region is a local business that was operated by the local people themselves. This activity is now growing rapidly due to the existence of international businesses, which are dominated by foreigners (The Economist, 2001). Retailing is the selling activity of goods and services to end users for personal, family or household use. Therefore, retailing is an activity that involves more than selling the actual product