International Business Level 3 Unit 31 Fashion Retailing D1

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Unit 31 Fashion Retailing D1 Within this assessment I will be evaluating the way in which one of my chosen fashion retailers have defied a particular characteristic of its target market and adapted its policies in response to this. The fashion retailer that I have chosen to use within this assessment is Primark. Primark is an Irish clothin retailer that operates In many different countries including the Uk and soon within the United States. This chosen retailer had a very broad target market and this contributes to their success today. Primark have been a very successful brand with a constant year of sales growth,. Since Primark's beginnings in 1973, the Irish budget fashion retailer had plans to conquer Europe. The opening of its first store …show more content…

It is also very important for retailers to infact constanyl what products are on sale to the customer. Most likely as time goes on a retailers target market is going to change and adapt. There are manty consuqeuences of not doing this for example that fact that customers will just stop comig to the organisation to shop for their clothing items. The organisation may even start to struggle with their marketing techniques because they are targeting the wrong target market. It may have been a pervious or old target market that they were targeting. This can mean wasted money completely, this is more important for busineese that are struggling to break even and cannot afford to spend money on non neccasry …show more content…

A main conququnce will be the loss in sales. If oerganiastions are not adapting to their chaning target market this manes that they will not longer be attracting their target market. First of consumers will stop buying the products of the organisation and the marketing techniques in terms of advertising and visual merchandising will not longer be effective and just increase the businesses costs and in return no sales will be increased. There is a massive benefit to an organisations competition if the organisation did not adapt to their changing target market. Customers wll just drift awt to the competition. The compition will be able to appeal to your target market better thus stealing all of your customers. In a real world example we can look at Marks & Spencers. Marks and Spencers lost out to rivals as sales sliped 0.4% in the alast six months to 3rd August (guardian 12.09/14) Due to changing trends busineeses like Primark have been really struggling and it is having an affect on fashion retail within M&S. This includes ageing population. High numer of women in the worklforce. Increased in a disposable income. Sedntary lifestyles leading to obesity. Higher number of home intern users which is equalling a rise in home shopiing. More diverse population, different ethinic orgsins calling for a multi-cultural

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