H & M Value Chain Analysis Model

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Terms of Reference H&M also known as Hennes & Mauritz is one of the most leading apparel companies globally; one of creativity and style. The company is one which believes that it should offer to its customers fashion and quality at the best price. The aim of this report is to assess H&M’s company organizational culture as well as the core competencies and capabilities of the company; and how it has used these to attain the position at which it is at today in the fashion and apparel industry. The report also provides in depth analysis on how H&M has used its capabilities to grow its operations through the practices of market development, product development as well as market penetration. The Threat of New Entrants within the Apparel …show more content…

The value chain equates to the internal activities that a company employs in transforming its inputs to outputs; this helps with the improvement of activities, helping the company to achieve competitive advantage. In the analysis of H&M’s organizational capabilities the value chain analysis would show that with viewing the internal activities; this analysis would show where the company’s competitive advantages as well as disadvantages lies. This analysis would then depict the company’s core competencies. When a company is said to be competing through its cost advantage; it would most likely try to carry out its internal activities at a much lower cost than its competition would want to. When a company is competing through its differentiation advantage; it would try to carry out its activities in a much better manner than the …show more content…

The tool is used as an analysis to illustrate how the company has set out to achieve its successes; as it relates to H&M the tool will focus on the company’s present and potential products as well as it customers. With taking into consideration of the ways that H&M can expand on its new and existing products in the existing and new markets. To provide an analysis on H&M, the analysis will focus on three aspects of the matrix; the market development, market penetration and product

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