Examples Of Value Chain Analysis Of Target

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SUPPLY CHIAN NETWORK OF TARGET VALUE CHIAN ANALYSIS OF TARGET Value chain analysis is a set of inter - linked value creating activities performed by the organisation that begin with inputs, go through processing and continue up to outputs manufactured to customers. It is the set of activities that creates additional value for the customer. Value chain plays a central role in improving cost efficiency, quality and customer responsiveness. Each activity in the value chain adds to the value of product in each process from its creation to delivery. According to Porter’s value chain analysis company activities are divided in Primary and Supportive activities. Primary activities are directly related to creation of product, process sale and services. Supportive activities are provided to sustain primary activities. For a worldwide retail outlet like Target to add a value on its product depend upon the continuous supply of cost effective merchandise and add value to the costumers. Value Chain Analysis of TARGET Inbound Logistic Process Target is a retail store selling goods worldwide through its retail stores located at various part of the world. It purchases goods from its suppliers and ship those goods to its distribution centre and retail outlets. The continuous supply of merchandise is a tough job as the Global purchase is a difficult process to manage when; sources of supply, regional economies, and governments change in international purchasing can lead to disputes and

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