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Chipotle Mexican Grill has become a giant in the world of fast food/sit down restaurants with its unique food and its incorporated supply chain, with over 1,900 locations. As a focal point the restaurant has emphasized its ability to include quality ingredients from local producers on their available menu. Some of these ingredients include fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and naturally raised meat. They have used local sourcing for most of these products but have still used certain big name countrywide suppliers for some of their product. The roughly 100 suppliers for its 64 ingredients that deliver their purchased items however, don’t include local farms. These local farms are generally within 350 miles of any given restaurant. Chipotles …show more content…

Although a great marketing tool and economy boosting opportunity, using local sourcing appeared to the consumer a great option. Unfortunately without any checks and balances Chipotle fell into a self inflicted trap by trying to appeal to what the customers wanted, in an unhealthy way. Although not directly linked it is possible, and highly likely, that the farms used within the 350 mile radius of each store may have been the cause or played a role in the breakouts there are different ways that the viruses could have been brought about within the restaurants. With animal feces utilized by farms to grown their crops and animals fertilizer as a main aspect of growth, combined with unsanitary cleaning of the crops at the restaurant it is possible to transfer E. coli to human by eating it. In a Bloomberg article written by Susan Berfield, she discusses an example of one of the Chipotle customers who was affected by the breakout of E. coli. Chris Collins ordered what he normally ordered, a chicken bowl, which consisted of 21 ingredients. These ingredients included “toasted cumin, sautéed garlic, fresh organic cilantro, finely diced tomatoes, two kinds of onion, romaine lettuce, and kosher salt. The reason may be because they were not properly.” Unfortunately, Chris was …show more content…

The supply chain, however, can be generalized as being efficient and safe. McDonalds also offers its customers quality food at affordable prices. One distinct observation is that they utilize a large number of direct suppliers, which include suppliers which transport and deliver the needed and desired products to each restaurant for resale. In addition to the direct suppliers they also use large numbers of indirect suppliers. These indirect suppliers offer products that come from large farms including other organizations that generate as well as process the ingredients which they are supplying to each restaurant. These products are then delivered to the direct suppliers which then deliver the goods to each

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