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Chipotle matches a young peoples life style. In our research we found that while some young people enjoy cooking they find they just don’t have the time to prepare something all that healthy. This is where they turn to something quick and easy without compromising on quality. We found in our findings that half the participants eat out more than five times a week. One of our participants eats out to chipotle 3 times a week! 

1. It is clear that Gen X and Millennials have established Chipotle as part of their pop culture. With videos out there like “Chipotle is my life” as mentioned by one of participants which went viral it is clear that when young people are getting hungry chipotle isn’t far from their mind. Sometimes when things go viral or …show more content…

However our participants didn’t feel this way about chipotle as one mentioned “it is not overrated because the food is good” 
2. Young people today are looking for a quick and easy meal but demand the quality be up to par. This is why they are drawn to Chipotle over other fast-food competitors. When asked what came to mind when they heard the word Chipotle one person mentioned “fresh” I think this is valuable because it show past advertising has worked amongst the age group we were trying to enhance. By a show of hand we discussed dating habits and it was very clear young people are eating out a lot. They’re going to pay for something they feel has the quality they want. What one of our participants loved most about chipotle was getting to control what went in to her burrito vs being forced to select from a pre set menu. 
3. In order to keep young people loyal they need to show them more customer appreciation. We found that not many people have the ordering chipotle app downloaded. For a generation that is constantly connected to the internet and social media Chipotle is missing out on this component. When asked if chipotles app also had away for them to earn rewards they all agreed they would be more likely to download

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