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Abstract Chipotle Mexican Grill is a well-known company that deals with fast food and has made significant and distinctive progress compared to other companies in the fast food industry. The company not only prepares food in front of customers but also makes sure that food is made with integrity. The integrity is enhanced by finding, evaluating, and choosing the right ingredients, which are from animals, farmers, and the environment ( These are the principles that serve to direct and guide the organization and help position it as a leader in the industry. The following paper will examine the organizational structure of the Chipotle organization, diagnose problems, …show more content…

Its objective is to retain and promote the best managers possible at every location to best influence the food and the customers positively. A unique method of staffing was enacted at Chipotle. The staffing structure ensured that the hourly employees could be promoted to better and higher paying positions and even into management. This career progression attracted and retained the best human resource talent and provided a motivating and positive career trajectory for lower-tier staff. The ability of managers to reward or withhold tangible and intangible rewards allows for the development of a meritocracy. This provides a valuable tool for molding the kind of success-orientated culture at Chipotle. Instead of wasting time and resources while recruiting new members, they save time, capital, and resources by rewarding and promoting from within. This leads to maximization of profit, reduction of turnover, and improved employee satisfaction and performance through retained knowledge, skills, and experience of long-term employees. The net effect of these communication and management methodologies is to ensure that services offered to customers are of the highest possible quality. For example, 84% of the customers spend less than five minutes waiting to be served. This has been enhanced by the solicitation of new ideas into the system and incorporating internal suggestions from employees into policy and procedure creation. The effective strategy this company has employed is directly reflective of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In this theory, it is stated that human beings are motivated by ever more abstract conceptions of ‘needs’. By providing the same basic ‘physiological’ needs as other employers but also adding higher motivational levels; such as esteem and self-actualization through promotions and employee recognition; and a sense of comradery a ‘belongingness need’ Chipotle has created a

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