Chipotle Persuasive Essay

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Who hasn’t heard about Chipotle yet? Chipotle is modern day fast food business. Chipotle thrives on serving non-GMO and healthy foods. Chipotles profits are estimated over $200 million. There are over 2,000 Chipotle franchises across America in 2015. Some critics say that Chipotle is just phase, and it will pass over soon, but there has been stores before Chipotle became popular. Over the last year, Chipotle has became a popular topic on news and websites due to e coli reports, many people believe it was caused by tomatoes, and lettuce. E Coli comes meat and dairy products, but exposure to these products can bring ecoli to other foods such as vegetables which they found. There has been several reports causing sickness in several states across …show more content…

Sofritas are made of tofu, and are used to satisfy an extended amount of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Compared to other fast food businesses, chipotle has many checklists items they can check off: Quick, Healthy, Tasty, and addicting. As more people make the decision to become vegan a vegetarian there are becoming more options to satisfy hunger needs. On the other hand, chipotle has many meat options as well, such as chicken, steak, carnitas and more. There are many options to explore, or you can always go back to your go-to burrito bowl, salad, burrito, tacos, and even a quesadilla burrito from their secret menu! Chipotle has many options to explore, like most other companies weather food or not their are many aspects of that business. Such as financing, health, worker compensation and more. Researching a company is not that time consuming or confusing. If you want to research to learn more information about a company such as chipotle, find exactly what you want to know about and start searching! Chipotle is a good start to looking for healthier foods on the go. Like everything else the most healthy organic cooked meal can be found in your own home! Sources:

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