Qdoba And Chipotle Comparison

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Chipotle and Qdoba each have their similarities and differences. Dating back to the 1990s, Chipotle and Qdoba were both created within a few years of each other. Each restaurant classifies itself as a “Mexican grill” with an assembly line style of ordering. Though Chipotle and Qdoba have the same restaurant set up, they differ in price, product choices, and advertising. The prices between Chipotle’s and Qdoba’s meals differ. When eating at Chipotle, there is an upcharge of $1.95 for adding guacamole to the order. On their own, chips and guacamole cost $3.25. The protein choices from Chipotle are reasonably priced at $6.50 for chicken, $7.50 for steak, and $6.95 for pork. Although Qdoba offers free guacamole, the protein prices are higher …show more content…

Chipotle’s advertising contains an abundance of facts and simple fonts. The company uses the colors brown, white, and red in their ads. The paper bags at Chipotle portray fun facts in pig latin and the paper cups are covered in Chipotle’s philosophy of cultivating a better world. On the contrary, Qdoba’s advertising is filled with an array of colors and bold fonts. Qdoba’s paper bags are covered with cartoon drawings and it’s logo. The paper cups are painted in yellow designs along with the logo and a cactus. Qdoba focuses on the reward program and catering options they have rather than the foundation of their products. Between Chipotle and Qdoba, Chipotle sends out a more sophisticated message of their products rather than Qdoba who focuses on their public image. Chipotle and Qdoba differ in prices, products, and advertising. Chipotle offers limited options compared to Qdoba, who offers an abundance of products. Chipotle charges more for sides, but Qdoba charges more for the actual meal. Chipotle portrays their food as fresh and healthy, whereas Qdoba puts more effort into their reward program than the actual food. Although Chipotle and Qdoba are both a “Mexican grill,” they share their

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