Chipotle Strengths And Weaknesses

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help Chipotle offer high quality products made of the best, organic ingredients. Chipotle’s weaknesses are easy to copy limited menus that haven’t changed since the opening of the first restaurant and also the prices. When compared to some of their competitors such as Taco Bell, Chipotle is priced well above but still provides a higher quality food. Also purchasing organically grown food could be limited due to small number of suppliers and availability of specific foods. Chipotle’s main opportunities are expanding internationally, possibly targeting the emerging markets such as China or India while customizing their menus to the customers’ preference of the particular country. Also opening more restaurants in Europe would help brand recognition and gain market share while educating people about healthy organic foods. The competition is the biggest threat to Chipotle. So many competitors are finding ways to compete with Chipotle and differentiate themselves while beating Chipotle on price. Organic food supplies pose a threat as well due to the increasing cost of organic food production …show more content…

In order to lower the prices of the ingredients and make sure they are available when needed, Chipotle increased the number of approved suppliers in order to purchase and deliver ingredients to every restaurant in a timely manner. There are 22 independently owned and operated regional distribution centers that help deliver the best products and ingredients to Chipotle. Raw materials add the most value to the final product due to using only fresh, organic ingredients. When it comes to the operations, it doesn’t add as much value to the product. Company employees monitor industry news, supply/demand changes, trade issues, world events that could impact the availability of their supplies and to better anticipate the estimated costs and change in

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