Chipotle Analysis Paper

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Chipotle Mexican Grill has been a very successful company since its inception in 1993. One of the biggest reasons for the company’s success is because of its marketing mix. Chipotle’s marketing mix of price, place and promotion will be analyzed to see which has provided success to Chipotle. This analysis will also help identify a marketing mix weakness of Chipotle. Chipotle’s pricing Strategy Chipotle’s pricing strategy is a very moderate approach but provides substantial value to customers. On average a Chipotle product costs about $7.00, not including taxes (Knoji, 2016). Taco Bell on the other hand focuses on providing value priced items ranging from $0.99 to $4.00. Qdoba which is Chipotle’s closest competitor charges more than Chipotle …show more content…

Chipotle’s main message focuses on reminding customers that their food is healthy and made with high quality ingredients from sustainable sources. Chipotle has utilized its brand message to appeal to Millennials and the new customer trend of healthier food. Chipotle’s brand message has integrated many forms of media for their marketing. Chipotle has a very strong social media presence where Chipotle is viewed very positively (Ginther, 2014). Another form of media is their innovative media presence where they have depicted short videos that show the bad effects of other food suppliers. They use innovative media through television and YouTube to show that their sustainable sources of food are the best choice. Chipotle also uses print on their napkins, wrappers and drink cups to appeal to their market. Chipotle is also very well known for using promotions as a marketing message as well (Zureikat, 2014). Chipotle also uses public relation events like their Cultivate festival to support their market message to consumers. All their channels of marketing are directed to supporting and increasing their brand message, “Food with

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