Chipotle Queso Advertisement Analysis Essay

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Chipotle Queso: The Key to Happiness
Growing up I loved the flavors of Chipotle; the smoky meats, the charred peppers and the blend of delicious sides. One may ask why choose this advertisement for a company like Chipotle, because of the many persuasive images, textual messages, and vibrant visuals found in this mouthwatering piece. I consider this advertisement similar to an urgent announcement in which Chipotle is warning their customers to get excited that they finally have queso. Each and every day society craves food and as we all know, Chipotle competes with multiple restaurants in the mexican fast food field. My question is, what makes Chipotle stand out from the rest? This advertisement does not just show that Chipotle added queso, but it uses such simplicity to get a response back from society. The illustration consists of an impeccable piece of granite in the background while its main focus is on the cup of rich and creamy queso. Chipotle is also known for creative slogans that keep customers coming back for more. Their use of sarcasm and the catchy phrases that they put on the food, bags, and cups …show more content…

My high school graduation, state championship banquet, and late night food runs throughout high school were all catered by Chipotle. I’ve been involved in so many delightful conversations and learned so much about my friends and family over a hearty meal from this restaurant. The service is amazing, the atmosphere is great, but the food is what brings everyone together. All the food Chipotle offers mixes together perfectly and you can always finish your meal off with their queso. I cannot think of one time that queso was not smothered all over my burrito bowl since they started serving it. The faces you see around the restaurant also is a sight to see, the glowing smiles seen by other customers and the deep talks that individuals involve themselves over a meal at Chipotle cannot be

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