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One of the most popular restaurants in the US, Chipotle. This company have been dominating the fast food industry in the whole process of how its prepared, and its quality is as the taste. After going to Chipotle yesterday I have decided to make a review, and the best way to review a restaurant is to judge it by the service, quality of the food and the atmosphere. Chipotle has a unique way of serving the food. There are several steps which ends with the cashier, you enter the restaurant and wait in the line the first step is to choose an order and they are a burrito bowl, burrito, taco and quesadilla. After selecting the order you choose from a variety of meats then the vegetables after that you choose the sauce. then you get offered a drink …show more content…

In the near past, chipotle was owned by Mcdonald's, suddenly their CEO decided to separate from them due to the bad quality of the mcdonald's food industry. Chipotle over the years tried to make their food as the most fresh and best when it comes to the quality of the food and they have been succeeding in their plans. After finishing classes that day, I didnt have much time for eating lunch so my options were not a lot, which is why I chose chipotle. I had a couple of friends with me, and we ordered several orders to share. To try the best thing they had. Burrito bowl, soft tortilla steak tacos and chicken quesadilla. The most order that caught my attention was the bowl, it was delicious and creamy. The soft tacos came second which was delicious also. This particular branch succeeded in terms of the atmosphere, it is located on the mill avenue, they have many parking spots which is just for there costumers, it is more convenient for the costumers who want to make their lunch/dinner fast. From inside the restaurant the line is always long, but it never takes long time. the staff are amazing when it comes accuracy while their working as fast as they can to finish the

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