How Has Chipotle Changed Over The Last Three Years Ago

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In 1993, Steve Ells opened up the first Chipotle Mexican Grill in Colorado, near the University of Colorado. Ells was not looking at creating a fast food chain, but a couple restaurants to generate enough revenue for him to open up his personal restaurant which he would chef for. Instead Ells has created one of the biggest fast food chains found in America. Chipotle offers all natural organic food that give customers a fresh taste. Unlike his competitors, Ells also shows concern for where his meat comes from by raising animals more naturally on farms, instead of confinement factories where animals are crammed into cages and the use of steroid hormone drugs. Yes, Ells, could still chase his lifelong dream of becoming a chef of his own personal restaurant, but that would mean he would have to …show more content…

Over the years, Chipotle has kept a lot of things constant. Why? Because they want their customers to come back with the same expectations and satisfaction. To evolve is the only way for a company to grow. Apparently that is all it takes to have fast casual restaurant. Like most fast casual restaurants in the United States, Chipotles saw a 13% boost in sales in 2012. But has Chipotle really evolved from twenty-three years ago? Over the years, Chipotle has not changed the price of their food and have not introduced as many new goods as you would see at a typical fast food restaurant like McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell. The latest food product that Chipotle has introduced is Sofritas. This tofu cuisine helps Chipotle reach out to another group of consumers, vegetarians. With the new addition, Sofritas is still one of the lowest priced “meats” on the menu. Recently, McDonalds has shown great valued deals by presenting the McPick two for five dollars and three dollars. This gives customers the opportunity to pick from a selection of five

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