Founding Farmers Essay

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Founding Farmers, located in Tysons Virginia, is a country like restaurant that serves all American food. It is located very close to the Tysons corner Mall and Tysons 2 mall. Because Founding Farmers is so close to these heavily commercialized places, you will always find it to be packed. Although it always has customers to be served, I find this restaurant to be one of the best out there. It is a great place to go after work with friends, with your family, or even just alone!

Before you walk into the restaurant you are greeted by a revolving door, which gives you the impression that Founding Farmers is a fancy restaurant. When you continue to walk in, you are surrounded by people waiting to be seated. There is also …show more content…

They have a wide variety of appetizers and main courses. My favorite appetizer has to be their black pepper chicken wings. It is a mouth watering combination of sweet and salty and has the perfect amount of spiciness for a variety of different palettes. For the main courses, I especially love the ribs with a side of sauted green beans. When you look at the dish, you immediately want to devour the smoldering red, tender ribs, as well as the juicy seasoned beans. Every aspect of the dish is absolutely amazing. The ribs are smoky but also sweet and saucy. The green beans are nice and seasoned with a drizzle of oil on top of them. I remember the day of my graduation, when after the ceremony, my mom and I came here to celebrate. I remember I ordered a half a rack of ribs with a side of green beans, and devoured it in my fancy dress and curly locks. I just threw my hair up in a messy ponytail and ate it all up.

The good thing about Founding Farmers is that all the food there is fresh and homemade. The quality of the food is very good too. For the drinks there, they make their own soda’s from scratch. And let me just say, the soda’s are the definition of perfection! My favorite one there is the lemon-lime soda. It is sour, but not the type of sourness that you can’t handle, and they limit the sweetness so that you can add more if you want. As for

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