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Product/ Brand Analysis
Chick-fil-a is well known for its manufacturing of chicken products in the chicken restaurant industry. Chick-fil-a has been credited for inventing the boneless chicken breast sandwich and they serve freshly prepared nutritious food products. Chick-fil-a has been currently known, throughout the southern half of the United States, which is reassuring. However, because they have low numbers in territories outside of the south they are facing huge marketing problems. If Chick-fil-a plans to grow and continue to be a strong competitor in the quick-service industry they need to market and expand in other areas besides the south. Chick-fil-la menu mainly consist of chicken products, they offer chicken sandwiches, chicken …show more content…

Chick-fil-a prides itself on deep consideration for their customers because they take in consideration for customers with nut allergies by cooking their products only in canola oil. Chick- fil-a started a campaign in 1995 “Eat Mor Chikin” and they used a cow for its ongoing ad campaigns; the strategy for this campaign was to persuade the public to desire chicken rather than beef. The Cow campaign has become very popular and since the ad campaigns Chick-fil-a has tremendously had a growth in sales. Chick-fil-a acknowledges the feedback of its customers from its Cow Appreciation Day. On Chick-fil-a website customers are encouraged to submit personal experiences on Cow Appreciation Day. While society has become more health conscious, Chick-fil-a has decided to push their brand of chicken diets over beef diets. Chick-fil-a a family oriented organization tries to attract people of all ages to desire their product. Although, Chick-fil-a is prominently known for its delicious chicken entrees, they are best recognized for their excellent customer service. These attributes provided by Chick-fil-a has attracted individuals in all age groups to continue to be loyal customers to Chick-fil-a and helping it to catapult in the number 2 spot of …show more content…

Chick-fil-a strengths are that it serves a different product compared to other quick service restaurants. Their chicken brand products are sold instead of serving burgers or beef. Chick-fil-a excellent marketing strategy has led to their yearly increased annual sales since their opening. Chick-fil-a weaknesses are that they are closed every Sunday and all majorly observed holidays. This could lead to decreased sales and customer loyalty. They also only serve chicken compared to other quick service restaurants that have multiple products for sale. Chick-fil-a wants to continue company growth they must branch out into other areas besides the south. Chick-fil-a opportunities Chick-fil-a is a franchise, which provides opportunities for individuals to open their own restaurants. Chick-fil-a’s menu’s foundation is built on its chicken sandwich and its recent addition of the spicy chicken sandwich. Chick-fil-a has a very successful sponsorship with college football, which has initiative college football to change their Peach Bowl’s name to Chick-fil-a Bowl. Chick-fil-a threats even though Chick-fil-a has been around for years now their competitors have been around longer and have built a strong brand of loyalty customers in the south as well. Chick-fil-a’s marketing strategies are long term for their overall effectiveness. By eschewing interesting

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