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In this essay I will write and elaborate about the apple device company culture, leadership, career development, motivation, engagement and retention strategies. Apple Company. Is an American multinational firm that layout and manufactures shopper electronics and PC software products. Apple was founded on the first of April, 1976, at the hands of "Steve Jobs" and "Steve Wozniak" and "Ronald Wayne" for the sale of personal computers called "Apple. The company manages more than two hundred and fifty shop of retail stores in nine countries, and shop on the Internet sold by hardware and software products. The reason why I choose this organization is because it's very successful and famous device everywhere in world. most of the people are …show more content…

Most of successful organization shares a common quality that employees play an important role in business performance. So, even every firm has their dissimilar strategy to motivate their employee, these strategies yet mainly concentrate on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. There are a lot of methods Apple employs to motivate its employees. According to Maslow’s theory, low-order need should be taken as vantage. In Apple position, they have satisfied their employee needs of physiological by tuning an average salary of $ 108,483 which essentially can assure endurance. Then, Apple as well provides a broad range of application to protect the safety need of employees such as the development of health and safety criterion, training more employees to recognize hazards or providing safety equipment. Motivation employee is critically important for the successful of a firm. And Apple is worth as a leader, their strategy is an exemplary example because they was not only receiving worker to do something or fulfill their requirements, but also getting these employees want to do and work for …show more content…

If students go through school using Apple products, they become comfortable with the interface and commonplace with the superior performance the brand offers. By creating this early exposure, Apple captures consumers before they even know that they are consumers. Products That Deliver: Apple cautiously considers what customers are looking for, so its products are a consequence of both extensive research and powerful styling. This meticulous planning is a huge contributor to Apple's high consumer- contentment rates. It's plain and simple: Robust and easy-to-use products not only make your consumers pleased, but too make them want to purchase extra products from you. Consistency: All of Apple's products have the same basic architecture. Because of this consistency, consumers who previously own Apple products have a good idea of what they'll be getting before they make a purchase. They know that it will be simple to adapt to new hardware and this make them more open to making a repeat

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