Mcdonald's Theory Of Motivation

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Motivation is essential for a group as well as an organization. In the eyes of the leader of organization McDonald’s, authorizing and inspiring staff members to do the best in their job and they’re capable of helps create job satisfaction, lowering gross revenue in an industry that has a standing for stimulating its employees. In addition, a glad, stable workforce not just conveys better customer service; it is likewise more compelling at building deals and attracting repeat business. There are five concentrate benefits of employee motivation which Mc Donald’s approached at: 1. Improved Productivity 2. Higher Quality of Service or Product 3. Monetary Savings 4. Better Employee Retention Rates 5. Pleasant Work Environment Maslow`s Hierarchy …show more content…

According to the needs of Maslow's hierarchy theory, McDonald’s applies the theory of Maslow projected that motivation is a function of five basic needs. The first need will be the physiological needs which are the most basic needs for a worker to achieve in an organization. In McDonalds ,the employees physiological need is satisfied by being provided with the basic needs such as good working environment which is in a closed area, provided with air-condition and enough comfort ability. The employees are also provided with a uniform that represents McDonalds and a basic pay of RM900. The next need is the safety needs which consist of the needs of the employee to be safe from physical and physiological harm in the organization. Most of the organization provides the first aid kit for emergency purposes, so does McDonald’s too. This will be helpful to the kitchen helpers in McDonald’s if there is any case of small injuries while working. This is to ensure the safety of the employees. McDonald’s also provide medical benefits to the workers and the compulsory deduction from salaries such as EPF, …show more content…

. McDonald’s shows the achievement in this need when the employee gets to be promoted from the initial work position to a higher level, With promotion ,the employee’s salary will increase too. In McDonald’s when a worker becomes manager or assistant manager, they will get a new uniform which differentiates them from the rest worker, this shows recognition of that particular position. Not only that, when an employee in McDonald’s is promoted it will be because their hard work will be recognized by the upper level managers. In conclusion, the promotion and increase of pay is a symbol of recognition from

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