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Furthermore, not only Mcdonald is paying their workers low and also Mcdonald does not treat their workers fair and square like working overtime such as through breaks, before shifts start or after they finish. Royle have managed to give some example how Mcdonald treat their workers. For example, some worker are usually on call and dare not question, workers was promised with good wages however the deduction Mcdonald made left their net pay with zero only, cleaning until the next morning, slippery floors, weak ventilation, clothing or gloves and also poor equipment. The author mention that some commentators thinks that complains should not be taken seriously because most of the workers in Mcdonald are young people. Although having a job is important however complain should be taken seriously and are young people not human as well? Are young people should not be treated fair and square? Are young people not suppose to have the same rights as everyone?. To avoid complains and to motivate their workers, McDonald should also apply Maslow’s theory which is the Hierarchy of needs, Biological and …show more content…

He gave some example of how Mcdonald took care of trade unions in 3 different country such as America, Europe and Russia. Distributing ‘just vote no’ badges and ‘no union’ tee shirt, having a paid meetings to clarify the ‘dangers’ of unionisation before the new union election start, all the union members was removed because of forming a union as well as ‘remove restaurant-level works councils’ by buying 42 employment contract (Royle, 2005, pp. 46-48) Royle have manage to provide great example of one of his objective of this article by supporting and taking side for the employees however as a reader why didn’t Mcdonald provide their employees a better agreement or condition to avoid trade unions? The author should have argue with this question because this will strengthen his article

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