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JLL Case Challenge 2 :

Address gaps in recent openings, paying close attention to where your company measures in terms of diversity and inclusion initiatives and steps you can take to stay competitive in hiring to promote a more diverse workforce.

Diversity is an essential component in any organization because, people from different backgrounds and skills sets give different perspectives and innovative ideas which play a vital role in achieving its business goals.

1) At JLL (an equal opportunity employer) we consider people as valuable assets and we take pride in a culture that is inclusive of all backgrounds and experiences.
2) Currently we have 60,000 employees over 800 locations across the globe coming from different cultures, backgrounds, …show more content…

New hires are critical to the organization because of their knowledge on new technologies, attitudes about the work, and career aspirations. These are the initiatives we have taken to retain new hires.

1. Adopting management style of culture in the organization
2. Giving due significance to Corporate social responsibility and Ethical practices.
3. Adopting newer models to reward achievers based only on results rather than on number of hours worked.
4. Giving them various opportunities to demonstrate their passion in different roles, allowing changes / rotation of roles to gain variety of experiences.
5. Providing opportunities for rapid career progression.
6. Career advancement based on skill and expertise , adding more levels, grades to meet their expectations.
7. Giving Competitive wages and other financial incentives.
8. Flexible working opportunities , Greater autonomy on where, how and when they work.
9. Transparency in International opportunities/ global careers.
10. Practicing Diversity and equal opportunity initiatives .
11. Maintaining the brand of The employer of the bright and brightest

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