The Importance Of Workforce Diversity In The Workplace

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Today’s most business primary concern is retaining workforce diversity. Recognizing the importance of diversity in the organization and effectively manage to ensure the organization and its valuable diverse employees are growing hand in hand. Rising of immigrants’ employment opportunity, joint venturing business globally has equally brought an opportunity for shared values, exchange of cultures and intelligence to widen the opportunity for business enterprise and also a platform for employees to reach target goal. The objective of this argumentative essay is to achieve the highest understanding of workforce diversity. What is workforce diversity? Why work force diversity is important? What are the benefits an organization and contract worker receives? How can an organization exploit and retain maximum benefit from diversified skills each employee’s possess for overall organizational success? Key works: workforce diversity, contract workers, employees, diversity, divergent attitude, human resource management, international employees, consumers, consumer behavior, empathic marketing 1.2 Thesis Statement Diversity in the workforce provides unique employment opportunity and benefit, strengthen organizational outcome and further provides a platform to Exchange culture and lifestyle. On the other hand diversity workforce challenges increased in cost of training requires HRM careful employee’s selection and increased conflict due to demographic differentiation. 2 Part

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