Diversity In Hiring Case Study

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In today’s era managers are challenged daily with disputes like ethics, diversity, working in teams, privacy, sexual harassment, and handling differences. Furthermore, these issues are discussed because they are constantly the debatable topics in the workplace. More importantly, handling differences and diversity is the current situations in the workplace. Moreover, a few managerial concepts must be considered, including selection methods, training and development, performance appraisal, and diversity management. This paper examines Bateman and Snell’s research against the case study video entitled “Diversity in Hiring: Candidate Conundrum” to propose that additional examination be conducted to decide whether Robert Gedaliah or Paul Munez was correct in their decision making pertaining to whom to hire for the Outreach Customer Representative position.
Summary This week’s video discussed diversity in hiring. Robert Gedaliah is the Founder and President of Beck ‘n Call. He has been an entrepreneur consultant for over 18 years. Also, Robert’s job requires him to oversee all of the departments, including human resources (HR), operations, and accounting (McGraw-Hill, 2013). Paul Munez is the Customer Service Director for the company and obtains his Bachelor of Arts by which he has worked in a business capacity for 10 …show more content…

Selection methods deal with the candidate’s applications and resumes, interviews, reference checks, background checks, cognitive ability tests, performance tests, and integrity tests (Bateman & Snell, 2013, pp. 185-187). Throughout the selection process on the video, there were two applicants that were interviewed: Jacqueline and Sonya. The three key components that Robert was looking for was business experience, education, and personality qualities. However, Paul disagreed with Robert’s

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