Essay On Age Diversity In The Workplace

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Age Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity at workplace is one of the prominent issues in today’s world. It is the challenging issue that managers face to manage at the workplace. But it gives the highest output if properly managed. By managing the workplace diversity, companies can increase the overall efficiency that results in higher output. Besides, it enhances the image of the company to become ‘Employers of Choice’. Although high level diversity can be seen in large companies, small companies are also enjoying diversity now days.

As the population ages the relationship between age and job performance is likely to be the main issue. Employers also have mixed feeling regarding aging employees. Firstly, aging employees can bring some positive …show more content…

And, they must be prepared to make organizational changes to accommodate the differences productively. There are difference strategies that organizations can use to cope up with age discrimination in the workplace.
 Implementing strategies that place older people in positions best suited to their ability stereotyping them.
 Finding the ways to make technology friendlier to older people as this can enhance the workplace experience for an older population.
 Ensuring the reward system that is based on performance and not on tenure.
 Motivating younger employees to work together with older employees.
 Incorporating ‘Teamwork’ within organization.

In addition, organizations can create an environment where both generation employees can share their ideas and can work as a team. Younger employees can assist older employees by sharing new ideas whereas older employees can share positive qualities including experience, judgment, strong work ethic and commitment to quality. By this way it is possible to reduce age discrimination in the workplace. But the main role will be played by organization by maintaining the good relationship between

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