Publix Job Interview Essay

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Publix is an employee-owned supermarket chain that sells a variety of goods including groceries, baked goods and deli meats just to name a few. The store, located on Tiger Boulevard is a 64,000-square foot store that currently has 134 employees. Publix places an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. The combination of extraordinary customer service and high-quality products, has made Publix the largest and fastest growing, employee-owned supermarket chain in America. I interviewed Mr. Wayne Martin, who is the store manager for the Publix located here in Clemson. Mr. Martin’s job duties include overseeing the success of the whole store and make sure that each department is working efficiently. Another responsibility of his job is that …show more content…

Most young employees are either high school or college students and are trying to find a balance between school, work and their regular social life. One possible solution is that companies may offer a mentorship program for younger workers, that deal with balancing out their lives. Another recommendation is that employers can give more control to younger workers. Being that they are young, younger employees have very little control over their work and if management can find out a way to give them more control, this will be very beneficial. This can include allowing them to schedule their own hours or giving them more meaningful job duties. Another possible solution is making sure that the younger workers are fairly compensated as best as possible. As I stated earlier, most younger workers are simply working just for a check. Being that companies like Publix are paying employees minimum wage or maybe just a little more, there is very little incentive to work hard for such little pay. This not only applies to the younger workers, but this also applies to the older workers as well. The key difference is that older workers have families to feed most of the time as opposed to just worrying about themselves. Money only motivates people so much, so a combination of increased job control and effort-reward balance is key to motivating younger

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