David Brooks People Like Us Analysis

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Diversity in Our Own lives Think about where you live. On your street are the people around you all similar, or are there some people who have different race, political views, gender, religious practices, education, and age? We tend to want to group ourselves with people like us. You might not even notice that you’re doing it either. Most of the time it just comes naturally. When you meet someone new you start talking, and you might find something in common with them. When you find things that you have in common with someone you’re starting some type of connection based just off similarities between you, and someone else. It’s easy to be yourself where you are comfortable, and with people you are comfortable with. I agree with David Brooks that we group ourselves with people we are comfortable with because it helps us feel a sense of stability. In the “People Like Us” by David Brooks, he talks about the diversity in America. He argues that diversity is something that we tend to forget about. We …show more content…

There is diversity when it comes to race, age, and education. For example, my manager is a lady of color, and my assistant manager is Hispanic. All the employees ages ranges from 45 to 23 to 19, and more ages in between. Finally, our education is different. I am the only one in college while the rest of the employees were finished after high school. The one thing that isn’t diverse about where I work; we are all females. I’ve been working there a total of 6 months, and I have never seen a male interested in coming to work at the Children’s Place. I understand why though. A male probably would not want to work in a store with all females. Who could they really relate to if they were the only male? Who would they have things in common with? Would it make that person feel like an outsider? If a guy was interested in finding a job, he would probably find a store with a lot of people like him; whether It be the same gender, age, or

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