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Q: What is your personal statement on diversity? Diversity is being different from others. People have to acknowledge that not everyone is alike in the world. We are different and we have many ways to show that we are unique, ordinary, creative and open minded individuals. Everyone is unique in their own way because knowing the fact that you can show your true colors, is what brings peoples attention to wanting to get to know one another and know more about that unique individual. I would rather be unique than average, why? I see it as, if I can be myself and act myself; people will see and think that I am a free and not afraid of the world. People in this world may criticize the things I do, say or dress but it shouldn’t matter what other…show more content…
If I could go to any college, city or sometimes work space in general, I could guarantee I could have a chance to find someone who acts almost like me. Everyone is welcomed and treated with respect all over the world. The diversity between oneself can impact others to be ferocious and live their life the way they want to and being able to focus on school. In some cases people out there in the world are free spirit in their mind and soul. I could say myself I am a free spirit. At first I may seem shy but after awhile of getting to know me I act goofy, love to talk to others, enjoy my free time and tend to look at things in different points of view. One thing I will certainly not do is judge other person because of the way they act or dress a certain way because if I learned to accept myself for whom I am then who am I to judge others the way they accept themselves. My mind is full of wonders and hopefully there is someone out there to understand or have almost the same mindset as I have. I am the type of gal that loves to explore or look into something new, to help those who are in need or need help. That’s just the type of person I am. In my point of view we should only judge humans on their actions but in some cases people should stop looking for a reason to judge someone just because they want to be free and be who they want to be. We are all smart in every shape or form. We’re here to help one

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