Diversity In Health And Social Care Essay

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Diversity is a term that we are familiar with. It describes the differences between individuals and groups in terms of culture, nationality, ability, ethnic origin, gender, age, religion, belies, sexual orientation and social class (Clarke, Mark, Pat etal.,2012). At place of work, understanding and valuing diversity makes individual to sees differences in people as valuable and potential assets, encourages open dialogue on diversity and shares personal, and writes and speaks in language that's respectful and sensitive, encourages open dialogue on diversity. Understanding and valuing diversity is fundamental to all the other desired behaviours. Learning about others, talking with others, reflecting on your behaviour, and looking deep into yourself to truly assess and modify your behaviours related to diversity. The word equality is used to support and promote the rights of individual and groups who share characteristics. This means that people are better able or empowered to make choices and seize opportunities. When you respect people, it is more likely that you get the respect of others. Working in health care sector, it is better to offer services in response to the individual’s needs (Clarke, Mark, Pat etal.,2012). There are legal frameworks backing …show more content…

When this happens, question arises if this trainee can refuse to deal with the patient because of her racial attitude. It is practical for the trainee to follow policy and procedures of the organisation, report the case, and allow law to take is cause. However, if there is constant discriminatory attitude from the patient, it can lead to disempowerment of the trainee. The discriminatory actions of others may also lead those affected by these assumptions and behaviours to develop physical or mental health problems as a

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