Cultural Diversity In The Hospitality Industry

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In hospitality industry, there are many issues, challenges and trends that a hotel or a restaurant might face. In recent years, cultural diversity in the workplace has become a major in hospitality industry. This paper concentrates on discussing about the current situation of cultural diversity in the workplace of hospitality industry, then analyzing some benefits and challenges of cultural diversity in hospitality organizations and giving practical recommendations that help hospitality organizations to deal with cultural diversity issues. Diversity is defined as the differences among people. Cultural diversity means that the differences between people in gender, traditions, language, etc. Nowadays, workforce in hospitality becomes diverse because employees come from many countries. For instance, an organization can include employees come from America, France or Vietnam… Then creates a challenging issue for managers is how to manage well a diverse workforce. There are many researches were conducted in order to help managers to find out solutions for managing cultural diversity in workforce in hospitality industry successfully. Current situation of Cultural Diversity in the workplace in Hospitality Industry Because of globalization, organizations in hospitality field not only compete with domestic market but also foreign market. Globalization is one of the causes that contributed most to workforce diversity. Globalization leads to the immigration of employees that make

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